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четверг, 24 ноября 2011 г.

Pizza Yummy Yummy!!!

I am a pizza 
With extra cheese 
From tomato 
Sauce is squeezed 
Onions and mushrooms 
I am a pizza, ready to go! 

I am a pizza
No anchovies
Or phony bologna
I am a pizza
Order by phone
I am a pizza, please take me home!

I am a pizza
Peppers on top
Out of the oven
Into the box
Into the car and
Upside down
I am a pizza, dropped on the ground!

I was a pizza
I was the best
I was a pizza,
now I’m a mess!

Потрясающая песня - нравится всем детям, которых я учу. Даже брат пытается подпевать.
Очень легко учится. Запоминается сама собой

On Top Of My Pizza Kids Song Lyrics:

On top of my pizza

All covered with sauce

Could not find the meatballs

I think they got lost

I looked in the closet

I look under the sink

I looked in the cup that

Held my cola drink

I looked in the saucepan

Right under the lid

No matter where I looked

Those meatballs stayed hid

Next time you make pizza

I'm begging you please

Do not give me meatballs

But just plain old cheese

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